Having the Hospice Discussion

Talking to patients and their families clearly and directly about a poor prognosis and limited treatment options can be difficult. To help patients and their caregivers, healthcare providers can help them define realistic treatment goals and care needs, presenting hospice as a way to meet these needs. 

Two of our Professional Education In-Service Presentations offer information that may be helpful in conducting effective end-of-life discussions. They can be customized to meet your specific needs and presented at your facility or practice.

1. Communicating Bad News – (1) Contact Hour

The communication of bad news is a skill essential to the practice of all healthcare professionals. The therapeutically effective 6-step approach to communicating bad news is described in this in-service, which also addresses ways to deal with families that want to protect the patient by withholding information.

2. Goals of Care at End of Life – (1) Contact Hour 

Patients and families experiencing a serious illness are faced with decisions about continuing, witholding and/or withdrawing medical interventions. This program, designed for the professional, focuses in ways to use effective communication skills to assist terminal patients in determination of appropriate goals of care at the end of life.

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